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Massage is one of the most effective treatments we have in combatting depression, anxiety, chronic illness, and pain. Did you know that the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) believes that massage therapy can be effective for stress relief?

Some of us live with so much stress, that it begins to take a substantial toll on our minds and bodies. All this unchecked stress leads to more physical and mental illness than ever before. Sure, some people will suggest you lighten your work load or activities, but what if that’s not possible right now? We all have certain obligations that we’re unable to avoid. This is precisely why massage and other holistic treatments such as yoga and meditation, have been gaining more popularity among health professionals.

Stress affects more than just your mind.

Research shows that stress impacts every part of your body. When you carry too much tension, it can lead to muscle stiffness and pain, headaches, fatigue, stomach problems, and difficulty sleeping. By booking a therapeutic massage session, you’ll be doing your over-worked body a favor.

Massage is also a fantastic way to lift your mood. The high stress levels have you feeling anxious or down? Relaxation and rest practically non-existent? Maybe you just feel overwhelmed or plain irritable. Whatever effect stress has on your mood, a massage can be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable ways to let your daily melt away. Imagine just laying peacefully for an hour while someone kneads that tension away.

Massage therapy can be defined as any treatment where a therapist or masseuse massages the body’s muscles and soft tissue to relieve pain and tension. However, not all massage modalities are created equal. There are various techniques that can be utilized depending on the target area, specific pain, tension, or muscle group you need addressed.

The list of issues massage can be used to treat is just as long as the list of massage types. One study discovered that massage therapy can assist in pain reduction, promote muscle relaxation, and improve both mood and sleep quality. Another study shows that after subjects were massaged, the levels of the stress contributing hormone, cortisol decreased. That’s why one of the most powerful remedies for tension and stress relief is massage therapy. So, whether you find it via a massage therapist, physical therapist, using a stress ball or massage roller, or purchasing one of the many advanced massage tools available to use at home, you can rest assured that it will help if done correctly.

If you’re unsure of where to start, ask a professional to steer you in the right direction. You should verify that you’re purchasing a home device with the correct features for your needs, or discuss details with your therapist to make sure you get the most effective hands-on treatment possible.

The stress and pressure in our daily lives is endangering our health and wellness. It begins to take a toll on our bodies, well-being, and wallets. Fight back with healthy living.

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