As the holiday season has come to an end, you may be feeling overwhelmed and exhausted from all the festivities. Whether you hosted a large gathering, shopped for presents last minute or stayed up late wrapping gifts, it is completely normal to feel a bit of stress in the days after Christmas. Here are some helpful tips to help you recover from the post-holiday stress:

1. Give yourself permission to take a break. You’ve put in so much work over the last few weeks and now it’s time to rest and recuperate so don’t feel guilty about taking some time out for yourself. Use this as an opportunity to unplug from social media and technology and do something that helps you relax like reading, listening to music or getting a massage.

2. Stay active. Exercise can be an excellent way to manage your stress levels and remain physically healthy during this hectic season. Consider going for a walk around the block or doing yoga at home as these activities require minimal effort but can make a huge difference in how relaxed you feel afterward.

3. Surround yourself with positive people. Negative energy can quickly turn into anxiety and depression if left unchecked, so try to surround yourself with friends or family members who will bring positive vibes your way during this trying time of year. Talking about your feelings can also lighten the load, so don’t be scared to open up about how you are feeling with those closest to you.

4. Eat well & drink plenty of water. Alcohol consumption often increases during the holidays due to parties and special events, but it is important to stay hydrated throughout these times so try drinking lots of water as soon as possible following any excessive alcohol intake – this will help regulate your body’s natural balance again more quickly! Additionally, make sure you eat regular balanced meals as food provides energy which makes dealing with those after-the-holidays blues more manageable!

5. Catch up on sleep & relaxation techniques. Sleep deprivation often plagues us during busier periods such as the holidays when we stay up late wrapping gifts or partying with friends/family – try catching up on lost sleep by going to bed earlier than usual (even if just for one night) or taking short naps throughout the day until your mind/body feels recharged again! Additionally, practicing relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises or meditating before bed can help quieten anxious thoughts easily clouding our minds before we drift off into slumberland!

Hopefully these tips have provided some insight on how best tackle post-holiday stress – remember that although these situations are challenging they don’t last forever! Spend time cherishing moments spent with loved ones while also setting boundaries in order avoid exhaustion & burnout when celebrating next year’s festivities!