Getting proper sleep on a regular basis is challenging for a lot of people. Whether we like it or not, most of the factors that affect the quality of our sleep are our own habits throughout the day; from the food we eat, to the stress we feel, and even our exposure to light. Despite this, there are many ways to turn things around and combat sleep deprivation the natural way—all it takes is realizing how truly beneficial proper sleep is for your body!

Natural Ways to Sleep Better
Take charge of your habits throughout the day so that you can experience better sleep at night. Getting enough sleep improves our health and overall well-being by helping our body fight infections and lowering our blood pressure, among many benefits. If you are looking to manage your weight, you’ll be surprised to know that getting a good night’s rest also helps regulate our hormones that affect our appetite. Aside from this, getting proper sleep is also proven to improve your mood, making you more calm and less stressed or anxious. This is why it is truly important to be aware of ways to get better sleep and to practice these regularly to achieve a better sleep schedule.

Here are some natural sleep remedies that you can try:

        • Turn off the lights before bed time. This simple trick can help you feel more relaxed and ready to sleep. Exposure to bright lights late in the evening delays our body clock, therefore making us prefer a later sleep schedule.
        • Try out relaxing activities before going to bed. Depending on your preference, you can try meditating or reading a book. Both are natural ways to improve sleep and can be done by all ages.
        • Unplug before going to bed. The blue light emitted by our cellphones and computers cause our brains to be active, which affects our ability to fall asleep. It is also good to download blue light filters for all your devices or use blue light-blocking eyeglasses to decrease exposure to this disruptive light. Blocking blue light is one of the most common natural ways to sleep better at night.
        • Make better food choices. Eating food with high amounts of caffeine and sugar late in the day can trigger wakefulness and delay your sleeping time. Consuming too much liquid at night on the other hand can cause frequent bathroom trips, so you may want to think twice before you reach for that midnight.
        • Finish vigorous exercises well before bedtime. Exercising during the day is great, but doing so just a few hours before bed may cause sleep difficulties due to increased metabolism and elevated body temperature. When done right, even light exercises can maximize the benefits of sleep for your entire body.
        • Seek help from massage therapists for better sleep. If you find yourself having trouble sleeping at night, massage therapy might come in handy. It is an all-natural way to sleep better so you could reduce the use of sleeping pills. Undoubtedly, a relaxing massage is a great alternative to pills, which will help you release the tension and stress acquired throughout the day. In addition, a massage can also decrease body pain that disrupts your sleep. You can try out a gentle head or foot massage which can trigger acupressure points and induce that much needed slumber. Massage is also known to alleviate pain and promote relaxation for sleep-deprived people. It boosts serotonin production, thus improving our melatonin levels, which is the hormone that causes sleepiness.

Remember, relaxation is one of the keys to getting better sleep. Start by eliminating the environmental factors that disrupts your sleep like bright lights and noise in your bedroom. Next, wind down and help your body relax until you fall asleep. Never underestimate the power of good night’s sleep—make it a priority and you’ll be surprised about the benefits it can make in your overall health and happiness.

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