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The skin is the largest organ in the human body. In a nutshell, it is our protection against harmful elements and microbes that exist in our environment, but that’s not all it does—it has many more complex functions in our daily life, such as housing the nerve endings that make up our sense of touch. If our body is given this much room to be touched, it must be for good reason.

Picture this: a gentle pat on the back after a job well done, a firm handshake that makes you feel victorious, a warm hug when you need it the most—these are gestures that we often take for granted, but are actually powerful in promoting long term well-being. A tender touch can send many positive messages to our brain and body, and it’s time we start knowing its power.


The Healing Power of Touch

With all the stress that we endure, it’s no surprise why we easily feel drained. Being hooked on our gadgets for long periods of time is also one of the main causes of the feeling of isolation physically and emotionally. Being deprived of human touch often leads to having feelings of depression and anxiety, and decreases our tolerance of stress, which ultimately affects our body’s ability to stay healthy and strong.

While we cannot avoid stress entirely, always remember that you hold the key to your own health and well-being. Relaxation is as just as important as feeling productive and you must not deny yourself the chance to take a break when you badly need it. Some of the best ways to relieve stress are hanging out with a loved one, discovering a new hobby, or treating yourself to a relaxing massage.

For many centuries, massage has been well-known for treating not only body pain, but also for reducing stress and anxiety. It has been proven over and over again that massage can improve your mood and make you feel calm—this is because the sensations during massage boost oxytocin levels in the body, also known as the “love hormone.”


The Benefits of Touch Therapy in Massage

Therapeutic massage is beneficial in more ways than we can imagine. Here are some of the most underrated benefits of massage:

  • Massage helps improve the quality of our sleep – Having poor sleep quality affects our ability to function properly and meet daily demands, but don’t fret—massage therapy can help you have those restful nights again.
  • Massage therapy helps soothe anxiety – More and more people are turning to massage for relief of stress and anxiety. Find a therapist that specializes in the type of massage you wish to experience and let the power of touch work its magic on your mind and body.
  • Massage counters the effects of the sedentary lifestyle- Ever wondered why you feel tired despite just sitting all day at work? You’d be surprised to know that the sedentary lifestyle poses many health risks. Listen to your body: take that much needed break, treat yourself to a relaxing massage session to once again be ready to do great things!


How Massage Therapy Restores your Best Self

A comforting touch is just as important as hearing words of affirmation. Think of massage as a way of communicating in a language that your brain and body both understand. Therapeutic touch helps solve many issues in your body that can ultimately lead to living a pain-free life. If you’re experiencing chronic pain from sports, exercise, or as result illness or lifestyle, consider booking massage therapy for your pain management and relief.

A healthy mind in a healthy body equals a happy life: take this as a reminder of the importance of keeping our mind, body, and spirit in harmony. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage and unlock the wondrous benefits of touch that will make a huge difference in your life.

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