Because you need something between visits.


Finding a qualified massage therapist that’s able to get out all your knots and kinks is no easy task. You can’t deny how great you feel after a good rubdown. However, you may not be able to get in as often as you like or need. Perhaps you’re busy with work & family or travel a lot. There always seems to be a reason to not take time for ourselves. With that in mind, check out this list of helpful products that’ll help alleviate your pain and keep those knots at bay between visits to Superior Sports Massage.


A Theracane when you’ve got those knots in your back you can’t quite reach.

Raving review: This product is absolutely amazing. At only 27 years old I already suffer from terrible back/shoulder/neck pain. I have been through months of physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, dry needling, etc. I’ve found temporary relief with all of these things, but nothing sticks. This is a great little tool to help in between sessions. Used daily, it definitely keeps the worst knots at bay. For me, the knots never disappear, but this does help break them up. It HURTS at first, and I wouldn’t recommend using it for long periods of time. I read through the instruction manual and suggestions, also very helpful. I love using the smallest nubs on the back of my neck. Highly recommend for anyone with back aches and pains! – mkate88


Massage balls for when you need to hit those trigger points. Comes in especially handy for aching feet and plantar fasciitis.

Raving review: My son who is a fanatic about crossfit introduced me to these massage balls. Although the massage balls are advertised for athletes they work just as well for seniors who suffer from chronic spine and muscle pain. The massage balls arrived as promised. I love the bag that is provided! – Phil


A back and neck massager you can wrap around yourself when you want to soothe those tense muscles.

Raving review: This massager is 100% as advertised. WOW. Heat and shiatsu are both amazing. I started swimming and my entire back gets sore plus I suffer from regular neck pain and hold my stress in my neck and shoulders. I use this for 10-15 minutes and it completely relaxes my entire back and neck. It looks like an awkward design at first, but the ratings were so good I took a chance and I am SO glad I did. Awesome. – KC


A massage stick when you need to perform deep massage therapy on muscles with precision.

Raving review: The Elite Leg Roller Stick isn’t just for runners. It’s a great way to work tight muscles from lifting weights, spin class, circuit training or cardio step class. The roller stick is easy to maneuver to hit muscles that you can’t massage easily with a regular foam roller. This includes legs, glutes, back, arms, neck and shoulders. Best of all, you control the amount of pressure being applied. – JT


A foot massager when you need to relieve those puppies after being on your feet all day. You deserve it.

Raving review: I bought this item for my wife because she is always complaining about her feet hurting her after teaching class all day. She loves it. She couples the foot massager with a back massager that I bought her and she says she feels like she’s at the spa! I tried it a few times and it seemed to tickle my feet at first – it took a little getting used to (I think everyone is different in this regard). However, after 5 or 10 minutes of this machine working, I noticed that my feet felt great when I was finished. For the price I paid for this massager, my wife and I are both quite satisfied. I’ve had it for only a couple of weeks now, but it’s been used every day and is going strong – no quality problems to speak of. I’m sure there are other massagers out there that are better, but if paying $200+ for a foot massager gives you heartburn as it would me, I’d recommend picking this item up. – Ed11


A heated shiatsu pillow massager with handle straps to attach to a chair or carseat that you’re definitely knot going to regret bringing with you everywhere.

Raving review: This is a godsend for the aching bod! The heat function works really well, but it you don’t want the heat, just push the power button to cycle through heat on and heat off. To turn it off, simply hold down the button until it turns off. I most frequently use this on my back, repositioning it as needed to reach the spots that need work. I have used it sitting or lying back in a recliner chair, as well as sitting upright or reclining on a sofa. I have used it under my calves as well. – Lady Potter


This set of head scratchers when you want to feel your stress melt away.

Raving review: I saw one of these first on Parks & Recreation, being used for stress reduction. I have neurological Lyme disease with a lot of cranial sensations and anxiety inducing discomfort. This little massager actually does help and I’m using it often, a few minutes here and there throughout the day. It seems somewhere between massage and acupuncture, a soothing treatment at a great low price. – Judelyn


foam roller when you want to relieve muscle soreness, loosen up muscles, and reduce pain before or after exercise.

Raving review: I have had this roller for the past 4 years, and it’s still good as new. As a dancer. I need this roller to keep my muscles fresh- I lay on my side on top of the roller and use it to roll out my IT band, and I also lie down on it with my back on top, to roll out my back and crack my spine. I LOVE this roller and wouldn’t know what to do without it. It’s very light, and you can carry it around with you as well. I highly recommend it!
– Tiger Lily


handheld percussion massager when you need precision and portability. With this handheld cordless design, you can even bring it with you to work.

Raving review: It works great. Just what I need between visits to my massage therapist. It is a bit heavy, but otherwise, just as promised. – Oregon Customer


A heating pad when you need to apply it to an inflamed area and help sore and tightened muscles relax.

Raving review: This is my third purchase for this exact heating pad. I love that there isn’t an auto off feature, if you need it for one hour, two hours or eight hours, no problem! The highest temperature feels great on my back. The size of the heating pad is also nice, as a king size it covers my whole back, my shoulders and middle back hurt the most and with this heating pad I’m covered! It also comes with a foam insert, if you want a wet heat you can make the insert damp and then apply to the area. The cord is also a good length, I don’t have an outlet right near my couch so it has to reach a little, there are no issues there for me. As I had mentioned this is my third purchase for this product, I also want to emphasize that this product lasts and you get your moneys worth. I’ve had my last heating pad for four years and it still works, but I noticed the high heat wasn’t as hot as it used to get. I also use my heating pad religiously every night so I need something that is well built that will keep up. This is a great heating pad! – Jaclyn

Although these tools are great, none of them are a substitute for an actual massage. So when have a moment to focus on yourself, you know where I am! Come see me at my office in Hermosa Beach. I’m ready when you are!