woman stretching in nature

Flexibility training isn’t just for gymnasts or yoga masters. It’s beneficial for everyone.

When we think of health and fitness, we often overlook the importance of stretching. In fact, when was the last time you worked on your flexibility? It’s been that long, huh? If the last time you remember stretching was when you were a child, you should incorporate it into your wellness routine now. Seriously. You won’t regret it. You’ll feel better.

Did you know that stretching can help:

Improve your posture and balance
Using your muscles every day and repetitive movements can cause the muscles to tighten up. Sit at an office desk or walk around all day? It’s especially important for you to periodically stretch. Stretching the muscles of the back, shoulders, and chest will help improve your posture and keep your back in better alignment. After all, you don’t want your muscles to get “stuck.”

Reduce risk of injury
When your muscles are flexible, they’ll be at a reduced risk of injury if you have to make sudden movements. When you increase the range of motion through stretching, you can reduce the resistance on your body’s muscles during your activities. Tight muscles and tendons in the body have a higher chance of rupturing, becoming strained or sprained.

Increase range of motion
Different types of stretching as well as other self-care strategies, such as using a foam roller, massage roller, or massage ball can help loosen up tight muscles. Loose muscles will aid in improved range of motion, which will allow you to move more freely. Having loose muscles can also slow the degeneration of your joints.

Decrease stress
Well-stretched and muscles free from knots hold less tension. This will help you feel less stressed. Chronic stress can produce a number of unpleasant responses in the body, including increased feelings of anxiety, fatigue, and tension. Regularly stretching has been shown to reduce mental strain. Also, when stretching is combined with mindful breathing techniques, it may help to decrease depression and anxiety.

Reduce pain & stiffness
Chronic muscular tension will increase discomfort throughout the whole body. After all, our muscles are connected and when one is compromised, the others will try to overcompensate. This results in pain to other body parts. However, studies show that incorporating flexibility training can help decrease stiffness, reduce pain levels, and may even reduce muscle cramps.

If your muscles are too knotted up to be fixed by stretching, try using a foam roller or one of these products. If you’re still feeling too tight, you could employ the help of a massage therapist. Make sure to search for one that knows how to relieve knots and any injuries you may have. You need someone that knows what they’re doing and won’t increase your pain by employing the improper techniques.

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