Are you an athlete or someone that just loves to stay active? Well, you may greatly benefit from sports massage, but what is it exactly? Why would I even need it?

Sports massage is a form of massage therapy involving the manipulation of soft tissue to benefit a person that engages in regular physical activity. What is soft tissue? Soft tissue is connective tissue that has not hardened into bone and cartilage; it includes skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia (a form of connective tissue that lines and encloses the other soft tissues).

Think of a sports massage as the more focused sibling of a deep tissue massage. The two massages are similar – firm pressure, focusing on muscles and connective tissue deep within the body. But with a sports massage, your therapist may incorporate stretching and the session may be targeted to a specific area of the body.

Sports massage is therapy that isn’t just for world class athletes.

Sports massage is therapy that isn’t just for world class athletes, but also your regular gym goer or weekend runner. This type of massage is more than just assisting in relaxation and pain relief. It is the specific application of massage techniques and procedures to achieve a specific goal when treating an athlete of any kind. Were you aware that sports massage can help athletes perform better and prevent injury? It focuses on parts of the body that are worn out and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movements. In addition, sports massage can help the body recover from injuries associated with physical activity. It helps release that muscle tension and encourage tissue repair and muscle balance for a safer workout.

The particulars of the sports massage technique vary depending on the athlete’s sport or goal. Sports massage therapy can be used at various times. You can get a massage before an event, after an event, or during recovery. It can be used to enhance pre-event preparation, help in reducing recovery time from exertion, or after an event. Some of the many benefits of sports massage include, increased blood flow, increased flexibility, improved strength, improved posture, reduced recovery time, assist in preventing injuries, and help prepare your body for its best performance. If an athlete is injured, it could also assist in proper formation of scar tissue.

It isn’t a one-size-fits all therapy.

As you can see, sports massage isn’t a one-size-fits all therapy. There are various techniques. It’s not just “working deep.” A great sports massage therapist has a higher level of training that includes a wider set of skills and supporting knowledge. Mastering the application of sports massage takes years of education and experience, not to mention a love of athletics. No one modality, technique or approach works each time. It is important to choose a therapist that is well-trained in the technique you want. They should be able to cater a specific therapy session to your needs.

New to the Hermosa Beach area or simply looking for a new sports massage therapist to help iron out your kinks? Let me help you! Whether you spend your days playing beach volleyball, lift weights everyday, play a professional sport, or simply work out occasionally, a sports massage would be in your best interest. If you are located in the South Bay, live near it, or visiting from out of town, I would be happy to provide you with the massage you need.


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